Building a culture of safety begins with a well trained workforce. Trained employees make the worksite safer for themselves, coworkers and employers. Our training courses address a wide array of topics to fit your needs. Environmental Health & Safety Solutions even provides industry specific and task specific courses required by operators. Our accredited instructors visit worksites and can conduct training at your facility. In order to fully integrate safety, leaders must actively promote and foster safety as a core value. Not only can we train workers on workplace safety, but we also lend our expertise and training to middle and executive management who would eventually like to handle all safety oversight and responsibilities themselves. This is done by demonstrating a strong, genuine, continuous and personal commitment to safety. Successful safety leaders can support a continuously improving, effective safety culture by ensuring that workers understand what their safety responsibilities are. Safety instruction is more than simply a training course, it is designed to change the culture at your workplace for the better; optimizing jobsite safety and reducing losses related to absenteeism and workers compensation claims.